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Mahrez Scores Pinpoint Game Winner to Keep Leicester on Top

Mahrez is a miracle among Leicester's miracles.
March 5, 2016, 7:20pm

Leicester have been a thing of miracles this season, and their 25-year-old winger Riyad Mahrez is their miracle among miracles. Racking up 14 goals in the Premier League so far, the man is simply fire, and today was no exception.

Leicester lead the top of the table, and all eyes were on them in their match against Watford. Tottenham Hotspur failed to level with Leicester on the table—pulling a draw in today's nevertheless exciting North London derby instead—and left Leicester with an opportunity to break five points ahead of the pack. And break, they did. All thanks to this stunner from Mahrez, a curling left-footed shot that parted a sea of defenders to find its way into the top shelf, just out of reach from the keeper. Gorgeous stuff from a gorgeous season.