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Frank Beamer Dabs, Every Trend is Officially Dead

Let's not all go koo-koo-ka-butts crazy all at once.
November 28, 2015, 11:26pm

Credits @jc_coleman4
— HokieSnaps (@HokieSnap) November 28, 2015

For a while there, things were on fleek—that is, until they very much so weren't. Before that, the roof needed raising, until it was launched clear into the stratosphere. And now, my friends, the (Atlanta club scene-based) dab has been blotted out of existence. All thanks to Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer.

Today, after Virginia Tech's narrow three-point victory over Virginia—which cemented VT's 23rd consecutive bowl—everyone started going koo-koo-ka-butts crazy in the locker room, including Beamer. The man appears to be surrounded by his team, encouraging the man who has undoubtedly seen his locker room throwing dabs willy-nilly this past season. The result resembles something like a drunken child playing heads-up-7-up on alternating arms.

Say goodbye to the dab. It's been fun while it lasted. Now we need something else to go koo-koo-ka-butts crazy about. Say, like, the word "koo-koo-ka-butts crazy. Which I made up. You're welcome.