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Neymar's Light-Up Shoes Get the Damn, Daniel Treatment

Not to mention his funky Renaissance Fair tunic.

Dear sweet Damn, Daniel meme: one day in the far future, archaeologists are going to discover you in the digital graveyards, and rightfully ask themselves, "Really? This was popular?" But here's what's also going to happen in the future: everyone will be wearing these shoes Neymar is wearing. Because, damn.

Regardless of how well-worn the meme is, it's always delightful to see social media-fed super-athletes catching on and having their own go at it, because, well, they're just as bored as us, waiting for two kids from Riverside, California to deliver us some idle-handed joke.

Last night, after Barcelona absolutely dismantled Arsenal 5-1 on aggregate, Barcelona midfielder Rafinha spotted his ever-fashionable teammate Neymar Jr. (who opened Barça's account last night) wearing some light up kicks that even Marty McFly would balk at. So he decided to drop his own "Damn, Neymar" on the occasion. The Brazilian accent makes it tops.

But perhaps more notable than his funky, Tron sneakers, though, is Neymar's Renaissance Fair tunic. What the hell?