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Lottery Winners Help to Make Scottish Club Debt Free

Now isn't that nice?
December 8, 2015, 3:53pm

This story originally appeared on VICE Sports UK.

You hear some horror stories about people who have won huge lottery jackpots. Perhaps the best example is Michael Carroll, who scooped £9.7 million in 2002 and was transformed from a golf lookalike into a gigantic money blob with no neck.

But there are significantly nicer tales to balance this. In November it was announced that Scottish Premiership side Partick Thistle were debt free following "new shareholder investment". Now, the club have revealed that the investors were a couple who had won the Euromillions jackpot.


Colin Weir and wife Chris won £161 million in 2011 – a sum of money that is quite frankly baffling. They now own 5% of the club and gifted a further 19% of shares to the newly established Partick Thistle FC Trust.

Nicknamed the Jags, Thistle's profile has grown immensely since they introduced a character from a troubled child's nightmares as their mascot. They currently sit ninth in the Scottish Premiership.

"As a result of all the new investment, the club is in the strongest financial position it's been in for many years and that's great news for all concerned," said Billy Allan, a member of the Jags' board.

It's not the couple's first sporting good deed: they helped Scottish racing driver Gregor Ramsey early in his career. They have also established the Weir Charitable Trust, which (among other things) provides money for sport and recreational facilities.

Which is all really nice and makes us think the Weirs are downright decent people. Then again, when you think about it, lot of millionaires splash their money on Jags, right?