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A Creep Catchers Bust Finally Resulted in a Conviction

It is believed to be a first for Canada's self-declared pedophile hunters.

Don Putt has pleaded guilty to child luring. Screenshot via Youtube

BC's Fraser Valley Creep Catchers have nabbed what appears to be the first conviction for self-styled vigilante pedophile hunters in Canada.

Don Putt, 67, of Chilliwack, pleaded guilty to child luring via telecommunication in court Tuesday and will be sentenced today, according to the Chilliwack Times. He will likely receive a six-month jail term, minus time served.

Putt, an Australian citizen, was busted by the Creep Catchers on Oct. 7, when they met him at a Chilliwack McDonald's. Creep Catchers told VICE they called police during the bust, who came down and arrested Putt.


Don Putt is shamed by Creep Catchers. Video via Youtube

A Creep Catcher video that's been viewed more than 28,000 times shows Ryan Laforge, president of Surrey Creep Catchers who also started Fraser Valley Creep Catchers, confronting Putt.

"You're here to meet a…12-year-old boy," Laforge says.

"I came to say hello, talk to him, nothing more," Putt replies. Laforge also accuses Putt of asking for dick pictures from the Creep Catcher he thought was a boy.

Then they confront Putt about admitting during the chats that he had previously had a sexual interaction with a 15-year-old.

Putt denies it at first, then says "not here."

After the video surfaced, an individual came forward and reported being a victim of Putt's, stemming from an incident that took place in Agassiz, BC in 1985. For that, he faces a separate charge of sexual interference.

Putt's sentencing will mark the first time a Creep Catchers sting in Canada has resulted in jail time.

Marie Bullon, president of Fraser Valley Creep Catchers, told VICE "six months is better than nothing. I'm happy with what we could get."

In late October, Fraser Valley Creep Catchers busted Jason Obert, the principal of a Mission, BC high school. Obert is now facing a child luring charge.

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