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Artists Create A Demented Version of 'Scooby-Doo'

This bizarre episode was made by 21 artists.
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Scooby dooby doo, where are you? No seriously, Scooby, where are you? Because we’ve got this video of you and we’re a little worried. A whole bunch of artists worked together to create this multimedia extravaganza, something along the lines of a Ryan Trecartin video or a Robot Chicken episode, that reimagines an episode of Scooby-Doo into something way more demented than the original.

A student of animation at the Massachusetts College of Arts and Design, John F. Quirk produced the video and posted it to Vimeo. But the rehashed Scooby-Doo episode is actually a collaboration among 21 different artists, created in “four-ish” days. It is the third in an ongoing series of “Golem Jams,” a collaborative project headed by Quirk.


"In Jewish folklore, a golem is a construct built out of many smaller things, that doesn't rest until the task it's given is completed. That's the idea with a group like this, we are tenacious until the job is done,” the Scroobjam press release.

The strained vocals and fraying music of the reimagined opening sequence are unsettling, leading into a video made up of a mixed bag of 3D, hand-drawn animations, and live-action shots in as many distinct, bizarre, lo-fi styles as there are participating artists. The only thing that keeps the jumpy video from going completely off the rails is the audio, which seems to stay true to the original episode.

Watch the full video, and find a full list of collaborators, below.

The Scroobjam team:

Alayna Cabral, character animator

Alex Sussman, game designer and digital artist

Andrea Cabral, animator

Ben Doane, comic artist

Brady Kettle, illustrator

Cole O'Brien, digital animator and game designer

Courtney Dubois, animator

Izzy Liberti, animator and printmaker

John F. Quirk, filmmaker and producer

John Valeriani, animator

Kate Swann, designer and animator

Kendra Lohr, animator and ceramicist

Kristen Currier, animator and dreamer

Kyle Fleischer, digital animator

Marie Nicholson, character designer

Meghan Williams, animator and illustrator

Renata Davis, filmmaker and comic artist

Richard Hanneman, animator

Steff Egan, animator and designer

Tyler Scags, illustrator


Music by members of Gamma Pope and Father Lemon


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