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Internet Art and Spirituality Emerge in New Group Show 'Witchcraft'

Artists Laura Brothers, Sara Ludy, Brenna Murphy, and Krist Wood question artistic practices in the Internet Age at Initial Gallery.
February 10, 2015, 11:00pm
Brenna Murphy, Liquid Envelope Module. Image courtesy the artist

On Thursday February 19, Initial Gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada will be taken over by Witchcraft, a group exhibition curated by Nicolas Sassoon that explores artistic practices related to craftsmanship, personal mythologies, and spirituality within web-based creative processes. In a way, it's an art show at the service of modern metaphysics.

This one-of-a-kind study of creative behavior is handled by a quartet composed of Laura Brothers, Sara Ludy, Brenna Murphy, and Krist Wood, who each provide their own answers by showing how new technologies and computer systems integrate into the human psyche and modern society, but also, on a basic level, integrate into the ways we create and live. "The exhibition aims to bring light to an important dimension of art displayed online and created through computer technology, art forms striving to create unique experiences outside of current trends, norms and conventions," Sassoon told the The Creators Project. "It is also the opportunity to show how these four major artists negotiate the manifestation of their work in a physical space through specific objects and very thoughtful and personal procedures."

Mixing their respective practices and mediums, as well as their individual aesthetics, this eclectic and prolific lineup showcases a series of artworks that offer a broad outlook on the use of digital technology for building allegorical and spiritual identities. Objects and projections-as-otherworldly vessels by Sara Ludy, light boxes representing digital expressions of arcane figures by Laura Brothers, a series of composite images of transfixing dreams by Krist Wood, and recent prints and sculptures of a meditative practice by Brenna Murphy all come together in this contemporary vision of what creation can mean in the era of internet and computer technologies.

For those who can make it to Vancouver, the exhibition goes on display at Initial Gallery on February 19, opening alongside a 7 PM performance by MSHR, and runs through March 21, 2015. Click here to learn more.


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