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Kinetic Sculpture Hovers Like An Ethereal Halo

Vincent Leroy's "Boreal Halo" inspires the feeling that maybe pixie dust really does exist.

From a distance, Vincent Leroy’s enormous kinetic sculpture could easily be mistaken as a digital projection, hologram, or simply, a mirage due to a blurry morning mind. But alas—it's real, and it's unfortunately not magical, despite its heavenly aura. Located in the vast Carreau du Temple in Paris, Auréole Boréale (Boreal Halo) is a colossal ring, 32-feet in diameter, that hovers above the ground and tilts, thanks to supportive material that's invisible to the naked eye. One step under this celestial sculpture, and you might feel as if human levitation is finally possible.


An earlier rendition of the piece was installed in 2010 at The Chappel of Calvairiennes, but the current iteration is roughly ten feet wider, and sits in a bigger space, making the project appear more magical. Though it may be minimal and low-tech, the project inspires the feeling that maybe pixie dust really does exist. We want to see this project illuminated at night, and maybe everyone in the room will actually start to float.

See some photos and a video of Boreal Halo below:

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