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CGI Test Footage Pits A Tiny Crowd Against A Massive Swinging Arm

One VFX artist's Maya test becomes a hypnotic and hilarious slapstick scene.

A short piece of VFX crowd simulation footage makes for some hilarious and engaging viewing. Entitled, I've fallen, and I can't get up!, RealtimeUK senior VFX artist Dave Fothergill's animation features a crowd of virtual people trying to run past a spinning block and failing. Failing hard.

Coming from off screen to charge at the spinning block of doom, crowdmembers' enthusiasm and self-unawareness makes the scene all the more fun to watch unfold. Bodies fly into the air with their arms outstretched in dramatic poses, leaving viewers to sort through the piling mass of animated bodies.


Fothergill created the footage with Maya animation software using a crowd simulation plugin called Miarmy. He describes it on the video page as such: "Crowd dynamics test using Miarmy for Maya. Shows the new servo force feature which allows struggling animation once the agent has become dynamic." It's only 44 seconds long but it's entirely addictive, which means you'lll be clicking the play button again and again until your thirst for CGI destruction has been satisfied.



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