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A Gold-Making Machine Eats Memories in Short Film 'The Alchemist's Letter'

LAIKA/house previews their forthcoming film starring John Hurt and Eloise Webb.
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“My dear son, there is much I have never really fully understood…” growls BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award-winner John Hurt in the first trailer from animated short film, The Alchemist’s Letter. Hurt plays a deceased alchemist who writes to his son, Veridian, about a gold-making machine he built that runs on memories, and how he sacrificed his own to get wealthy. The film leads the viewer and Veridian on a journey through the alchemist’s invention, and the memories contained within.


After a successful Kickstarter campaign in December to raise money for sound and music, director Carlos Andre Stevens and the team of artists from LAIKA/house are finally ready to show off a preview of their creation. “Getting the film this far has been the greatest journey of our lives, they write on their Kickstarter. “We've been working on it for nearly 5 years and have battled every single day to keep it alive.”

Take a peek at the trailer and the film's concept art below, and stay tuned to The Alchemist's Letter official website for more news:

The Alchemist's Letter Official Trailer from Carlos Stevens on Vimeo.


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