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Submerge Yourself in a Strange Sea of Slit-Scanned Jellyfish

Interaction designer James Alliban experiments with jellyfish footage for openFrameworks experiment, 'NOVA.'
James Alliban, NOVA. 2014. All images via

NOVA from James Alliban on Vimeo.

Stunning visions of deep sea creatures become all the more surreal in NOVA, the new slit-scanning experiment from interaction designer James Alliban. Using openFrameworks, Alliban, who previously transformed music into a light forest and human bodies into fireworks, created his digital slit-scanner through a combination of perlin noise and verlet integration techniques (a process you can learn about here).


The resulting organisms look "locked into an ever-increasing state of perpetual growth, decay and transformation," according to the video's description. It's the awe-inspiring result of an age-old analog photography technique getting a much-needed digital update. Below, get lost in screenshots from James Alliban's NOVA:


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