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See Argentina's Endangered Species Preserved As Cardboard Sculptures

To raise awareness for Argentina's endangered wildlife, Estudia Guardabosques lets you hang out with cardboard renditions of animals threatened by deforestation.

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By creating a troupe of their signature sculptures to life-sized scale, Estudia Guardabosques, the Argentinian design and animation company known for its charming cardboard birdsfoxes and bears, has taken animal art to the next level. Cutting and folding low-poly versions of endangered or nearly-extinct animals native to Argentia's wilderness, the studio, whose name translates to "forest rangers," in English, has commemorated the giant anteater, the spectacled bear, the jaguar, and the gray fox as giant cardboard sculptures.


The animals seen above and below populated an August exhibition at the Palacio San Miguel in Buenos Aires, creating, in Estudia Guardabosques' words, "a space where you would be able to hang with these animals."

"As the space was quite big, we decided to do our animals larger than we use to [sic], in cardboard," explains Estudia Guardabosques. Their creation of an interactive environment adds a physicality to the often far-removed idea of endangered species—the idea is that when you can actually experience a representation of a gray fox up close, you'll care more about its plight.

Hopefully your heartstrings can handle the lifelike—and undoubtedly endearing—images of the cardboard creatures, in their natural habitat, below:

For more charming cardboard animals, visit Estudia Guardabosques' website.


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