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Floating CGI Spheres Throb To A Chaotic Electronic Beat

Misak and ITSU's "Transcendence" is an audio-visual stunner that explodes digital geodesic domes with no remorse.

Although it's not a recognizable name, chances are that most people have played with a Hoberman Sphere—those geodesic domes that fold in and out for infinite entertainment—at one point or another during childhood. In a new video titled Transcendence by creative coder Misak Samokatyan and ITSU,the artists create morphing, digital spheres that recall the isokinetic toys from our past playrooms—accompanied by a satisfying burst of sound and visuals.


The video, which just received a Vimeo Staff Pick, includes generative visuals created using VVVV. The digital forms evolve and collapse on themselves, offering a visual texture to the abrasive (and awesome) electronic beats in the background. The coolest part might be the rippling shadows that linger below the floating forms, reminding us a bit of an online version of Takeshi Murata's physical zoetrope sculpture that melted into itself.

There's no footage of Transcendence being used as the backdrop of a live DJ set, but check out a clip of ITSU and Misak's past VJ collaborations to get an idea of how their A/V work translates to the stage. We'll never look at those Hoberman Spheres the same way.

For more of Misak's work, check out his Behance page here.


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