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El Guincho Reunites with CANADA for the Twisted "Comix" Music Video

Caution: dangerously fun visual trickery inside.
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Can't-look-away weirdness is the specialty of Barcelona-based film collective CANADA, and their new video for El Guincho's "Comix" feat. La Mala Rodríguez has it in spades. Like their now-legendary collaboration with the psychedelic Spanish pop star, "Bombay," CANADA's vision for "Comix" frames the singer's deadpan vocal delivery with art video insanity orchestrated by cinematographer Marc Gómez del Moral. One second El Guincho is playing the drums, the next he's being mobbed by wardrobe-changing chameleons. One second he's cooking eggs, the next second he is the eggs.


Recently, Canada produced the video for Tame Impala's "The Less I Know the Better," which went semi-viral for its psychedelic visuals and a tangled plot that is a joy to dissect. "Comix" offers the same nonstop mind candy, and is worth watching three or four times in a row… and then next time you see your filmmaker friend… then after lighting one up… after a fight with the s/o… one more time after dinner… and maybe once more before bed… and then a bunch more times tomorrow.

Check out a few of our favorite visual tricks in GIF form, then watch the video below:

See more of Canada's work on their website. "Comix" will be on El Guincho's upcoming album Hiperasia, out March 11. Listen to more El Guincho here.


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