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Nicole Moudaber Will Be Too Busy Partying to Get a Tan at BPM (Again)

And she's unearthed a gem named Marino Canal that she's bringing to the beach.

Dance music's most famous shock of hair will be returning to Playa Del Carmen this year as international techno royalty Nicole Moudaber makes it a hat-trick of appearances at The BPM Festival. "I played the first time in 2013 at La Santanera," she tells THUMP. "I did a whole night b2b with Victor Calderone and it was incredible…Last year I had my MOOD night with my guest Chris Liebing and that was off the charts."


This year, Moudaber plays two events, including her own In the Mood party on January 15. While two parties may not sound like a lot, in some ways it's just a starting point for her own Playa schedule.

"Every year the festival gets bigger and attracts amazing people from all over the world and all walks of life," Moudaber says. "The vibe is just fantastic. I really compare it to Ibiza condensed in 10 days of bliss… It's all about the power of love, not the love of power."

Moudaber is bringing a secret weapon for her return to the Mexica Riviera. "I'm heading to La Santanera again and introducing an amazing artist I recently signed to my label called Marino Canal," she explains. "This boy has it for me. You hear a lot of new producers and DJs these days, but rare are the ones that stand out. Marino did it for me. He's very skilled, hypnotic, trippy and deep, he's just got it and I can't wait to hear him play my night."

A veteran of all-night sets and the endless party season, Moudaber is undaunted by BPM's gargantuan program. "Clearly, no one can do every night unless you're a freak and I have to say I was one," she laughs. "But let's not get too extreme. Choose the parties and the DJs you want to listen to, but also enjoy the days and get some sun. It's funny, I spent summers in Ibiza partying my ass off and was still white by the end of it. No more embarrassment, we need to get some color!"


Moudaber might find herself out and about amongst Playa Del Carmen's natural surroundings this year. "I'm planning to explore on this trip," she says. "I need to get my inner 'umf' out again."

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