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Around the World in 80 Raves: YOH!, South Africa

Clueless and Ryan Gosling, together at last.

Around The World in 80 Raves takes you into the basements, warehouses, and back rooms where the magic happens—from Caracas to Calgary and back. Photos courtesy of YOH!


LOCATION: Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa

RESIDENTS: WTVR, grmmz grmmz, Boyz2Men, John Dope, Lil Juicy

RECENT HEADLINERS: John Wizards, Gateway Drugs, Fever Trails

VIBE: "All about whatever, man," as both Drake and the founders of YOH! put it.


VENUE: The two-city party inhabits former assembly plant The Assembly when in Cape Town, and restaurant-turned-club Kitcheners when in Johannesburg.



Don't forget the exclamation point at the end of YOH! or you'll make the founders feel like a couple of #sadboys. According to Patrick and Ra-ees, the South African phrase "yoh!" is used to express "any and all forms of excitement"—and you'll hear it shouted by the art school kids and fashion freaks at this "film rave."

The two friends combined their movie snobbery and hard-partying ways into YOH!, which always begins with a film screening, followed by a party themed according to the film. Everything from the fliers and décor to the music and costumes adhere strictly to the spirit of the chosen film, which could be anything from James Bond to Dazed and Confused.

Unlike many other "trendy parties," YOH! encourages its guests to arrive on time by giving out gift bags to the first 30 through the door. And they're not just useless bags of crap, either. For the upcoming Back to School-themed party, the founders revealed that goodies will be distributed in old-school lunch boxes.

"We keep it fresh, man," says co-founder Ra-ees. Their next party will be a double feature, with a main stage devoted to Clueless, and a Ryan Gosling Teen Heartthrob-themed side stage.

And like every good lifestyle brand, YOH! has a plethora of offshoots—a weekly radio show, blog, clothing line, and original videos for their YouTube channel are all in the works. But the boys insist, "we just outchea having fun."

UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT: A #sadboys-themed party that was "very sad, very emotional, very rare #socry #manysad #suchdepressed #realtears."

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