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Lucas' Debut 'Clearing' EP is Melancholy at its Most Acute

For fans of old-growth forests and overcast skies.

Following a handful of tearjerking singles and a spotlight on Ryan Hemsworth's Nintendo chic imprint, Secret Songs, it comes as no surprise that the latest from Seattle's Lucas is a truly emotive offering. His latest EP, Clearing, is a defining point in characterization for his persona, and displays remarkable coherence and emotion.

At its most stripped down, the EP is a telling representation of the Pacific Northwest's many inspirations and cultural derivatives: finding yourself lost in a misty forest, leaving a trail of footprints in the snow, and endless hours looking out at a wide ocean under overcast skies. From the somber keys of "Pain" to the expressive low end in "Blessed", 'Clearing' makes use of a variety of elements to convey emotions of utmost depth. It is melancholy at its most acute, and does more in four songs than a weekend under the stars ever could. (Sorry, Into The Wild.)

You will enjoy it infinitely.

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Photo by Jack Newton

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