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SHADED’s Guide to the Barcelona Underground

The SCI+TEC prince drops a fresh live mix and helpful tips for anticipation of Sonar.

It was only last month that THUMPpremiered a namesake track off SHADED's monster Dwell release, a SCI+TEC EP still making huge strides on Beatport's minimal charts. And just yesterday, his four-track Sheshe EP dropped on Tiga's Turbo Recordings.

So what better way to follow that up than with another visit to everyone's favorite authority on electronic everything?

First up is an exclusive recording hot off the press from his live set at Strasbourg's Le Studio in France. Highlighting his recent output and more, Including his "Keymono Remix" on Renato Raiter's D-edge Records, it's the first mix he's put out in about a year and it's worth the wait.


Then as a special treat, SHADED takes us on a curated tour of the sights, bites, drinks and sounds of underground Barcelona. With the Los Angeles resident recently relocating to the Catalan capital for another season and the annual Sonar Festival kicking off this week, it's perfect timing to see the historic Spanish metropolis in a whole new, darker light.


SHADED: I found this place with an old friend three summers ago in the Gòtico hood. It has since moved to be more central, now on Calle Tallers, but I am pretty sure the same people who run it. Just a sick skater bar with reasonably priced—and STRONG—drinks, as well as really noisy music all the time. Usually rock, punk, and metal. It's also got a slick little skate ramp inside! This is the go-to bar for me as it reminds me of my teenage skater years: raw.

Club 4

Pretty much one of the most recognized nights in the city for techno and house. The main one is Thursday and it goes off. If you're into stronger dance music and a really top party vibe, it's for you. Usually things get cracking around 2:30 to 3AM until 6AM. I've not been for a few months, so I'm looking forward to heading back during Sonar. The line-up is looking ace… and it also has some really hot babes working as bartenders—bonus!

MACBA: Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona

This is a cool museum that doubles as a skate spot. There is always something going on here, whether that means checking out the actual exhibits or just posting up outside with a six pack of beer watching all the skaters get loose. It's central and close to lots of bars and places to eat.


Betty Ford's

Betty Ford's a sick bar that's run by an awesome Aussie surf dude. Reminds me of being home in California as there are always surf flicks playing on a projector and cheap drinks. I think a Jack on the rocks is €4. Trust me, that's a good price for Europe. Plus, it's got a hip crowd that hangs there and they make a bomb burger! It's a place where a lot of my techno homies in BCN like to hang out.

Can Cisa Bar Brutal

Here's a new tapas and bio wine restaurant in El Born with some next level food! The restaurant is run by some friends who also run the Italian restaurant Xemei (also worth checking out). The eats are awesome and so is the wine. Plus the layout is super chill and relaxed, perfect for summer dinners before a rave night bender.

KER Club

This is the site of the new weekly El Row party. Juan who runs the show has continued to bring in awesome talent and KER is never short on epic line-ups. We will be doing the official SCI+TEC Off Sonar party here, so come through and check it out Saturday the 14th! I heard this summer they will be doing monthly El Row parties back at the original location by the airport. The place is legendary. Not for the faint of heart and built for party machines. If you're in town… GO!


It's in the Raval in the more seedy area of Barcelona. I'm talking a real deal absinthe bar and something to experience. The old-school owner (not certain, but he sure acts the part) told me the first time I went that I had a "fruity haircut" and if I didn't take off my jacket he would kick me out. No lie, these were the first words out his mouth to me! So I did what he said and everything was cool. But don't let that detour you. A few glasses of the real absinthe and you're bound to have an interesting night…


Mercat de la Boqueria

The famous market off La Rambla, it's always packed and hectic. When I lived in Raval, I would always go here in the morning and get fresh juice smoothies to try and cure the hangovers after long nights. It's definitely a scene but mandatory to check out if it's your first time in the city. Also, there is a lady who does the best falafels. I don't even like falafels but love these! Try to find her—she has a green booth. You'll thank me.

Parc Güell

This is a Gaudi park. Enough said. It's a funky place to bring a bottle of wine, snacks and just chill out in the late afternoon. The park is like out of a movie, say Alice in Wonderland. Just never gets old. It's usually really crowded in the summer with tourists, but if you get lucky and it's an off day, you could have a really mellow and relaxing time with friends. Add some psychedelics and you might actually make it to Wonderland yourself.

Piknik Electronik

A happening daytime party they throw up in Montjuïc on Sundays in the summer. It's got that open-air vibe and is always booked with excellent DJs and live acts. Reminds me of a mini-festival with the food stands and showers and stuff. It's up in the hills too so you get some nature with your rave—always a treat, no?

La Barceloneta

The local beach. It's easy to get to and usually jam-packed in the summer, but the closest place to cool off after a wild night out. If you have the energy and can muster the train or a short drive to either the north or the south, you can find some pretty empty beaches with much clearer and cleaner water and sand. Worth the trek if you have a free afternoon. But this is the convenient option.


La Paradeta

My favorite fish spot. It's located in Borne and opens at 7 PM (I think). It's a first-come, first-serve place with no reservations. Once they run out of fish they close, and there's usually a 30-minute wait to order and sit. It's well worth it if you want straight up fresh and simple seafood.

The After-Party Scene

Last but not least, there is something to do every night of the week in Barcelona. This means there is usually an after-party to go to. Clubs really get cracking around 3AM here. So by the time 6AM rolls around, you've probably still got plenty of gas in the tank. That leaves you bending over backwards looking for the next stop! If you happen to be one of the last ones standing, there are a few official places that host after-hours. Just do a little research and you can easily turn Friday night into Saturday, and then Saturday into Sunday. And if Monday comes along and you are still in the zone, hop on the bus to the airport and buy a short plane ticket to Ibiza. DC-10 and Cocoon are calling your name!

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