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Here's Mac DeMarco Playing "This Old Dog" Next to Some Actual Dogs

Crack Magazine took him to Groom Dog City in London. Of course.

Mac DeMarco often seems like a man ironically doing an impression of himself, covering his own songs, and borrowing his own clothes. It can be infuriating, not least because he's got some brilliant pop songs buried beneath five-and-a-half-feet of dick jokes. You just have to dig. Through dick jokes.

His new album, This Old Dog, is out May 5 and the two songs we've heard from it so far have been precisely the kind of aggressively laconic but nonetheless brilliantly-constructed tracks that DeMarco can bring up when he's on form. To complete the DeMarcoan circle, Crack Magazine invited the 26-year-old to perform the title track from his new album at a dog groomers, backed by canine friends Tilly and Foxton. It's all burned down to VHS quality, the colors are all neon-pastel, a Mentos pallette, and it's all very retro and wry. But the song is good! Really good! Honest!

Watch the video below.

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