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Burn False Flags with Axebreaker's Nazi-Punching Power Electronics

Stream the debut from Locrian's Terence Hannum's virulently anti-fascist new noise project

We here at Noisey are fans of basically everything Terence Hannum does, whether he's manning the Moog on blackened noise outfit Locrian's grandiose newest album, writing novels about death metal and mayhem in Florida, breaking down the heavy metal history of the synthesizer, or schooling us on horror soundtracks. However, his latest project—a harsh foray into droning power electronics inspired by his disgust at the rise of the fascist Trump regime—might just be our (or at least, my) favorite one to date.


"Axebreaker began a year ago as a retreat from the horror show of the US election. I was (and am) appalled by the blatant racism, anti-Semitism, appeal to fascism, and general hatred of the right, and recognize its insidious stains from my formative years in the 1990s. I could never quite just be satisfied with a snarky post, but felt I had to express my anger and frustration in another way that made something—so instead of that, I made these tracks," Hannum explained to Noisey.

"As a longtime fan of power electronics, I want to directly confront the right-wing posturing (and beliefs) inherent in its genesis as a genre and push it in a direction that uses its tropes to confront the vile ideology now enthroned in the executive branch and its supporters. More simply, I hope you want to get out and punch a Nazi, burn the traitor's flag, and confront white supremacy wherever you find it. So much for the tolerant left."

The album is due out via Primal Architecture on April 7. Listen to Burn False Flags below—you'll find it makes for the perfect soundtrack to dreaming of punching fascists and driving the final nail into white supremacy's rotten coffin.

Kim Kelly is repping the intolerant left on Twitter.