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Dubai Will Have the World's First Rotating Skyscraper by 2020

Units go for $30 million each.

What if you could watch both the sun rise and the sun set out of your living room window?

By 2020, Dubai—the futuristic city in the United Arab Emirates—could be home to an 80-story rotating skyscraper, called the "Dynamic Tower," proposed in 2008 by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher. Each individual apartment in the tower will will be able to rotate 360 degrees so that the building's shape is constantly shifting.


The residents of these $30 million homes will have control of their own units. Through voice activated commands, they'll be able to adjust the speed, and tell the unit to start or stop rotating. They could program their home to move with the sun.

And while the price tag are hefty, residents won't have to pay for electricity. With a two-foot gap between each floor, wind turbines will power the building and even be able to provide additional power for neighbors. (By 2020, the United Arab Emirates wants seven percent of its electricity to come from renewable resources).

The skyscraper will also be pre-fabricated, meaning that each individual unit will be built off site and then attached to the stationary core. The water pipes inside the core will connect to pipes in the rotating apartment units.

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"I think these buildings make people think everything is possible in life," Fisher said in this Youtube video by Your Discovery Science.

Editor's Note: The rotating tower has been proposed, canceled, and proposed again in the past decade. For now, architects say that the construction is back on, but only time will tell.