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Flying Lotus And Lilfuch's Animated Video Ventures Inside The New Moog Synth

A new short track and video for the Moog Sub Phatty.

Seeing celebrities endorsing products isn’t always convincing—how do I know that Derek Jeter really loves Gillette shaving cream? But sometimes you see an icon standing behind a product they actually use and truly believe in. So it’s a bit more of a push when Flying Lotus endorses the new Moog synth.

Prior to its release, Moog sent the artist a prototype Sub Phatty, the latest in the line that includes the widely popular Slim Phatty, and originated with the Little Phatty in 2006. Lotus created the track “Such a Square” (likely in reference to the track’s prominent square wave), for which Adam “lilfuchs” Fuchs created the above video, Moog Sub Phatty: New Machine For Living.


You might recognize lilfuchs’ style from Flying Lotus’ psychedelic “Zodiac Shit” video. In this animation, we see an explosive, colorful amalgamation of the Sub Phatty and get to take a look at the fantastical circuitry inside, and at some point become part of the machine via quarter-inch audio cable fingers—a welcome modification.

Video for Flying Lotus’ “Zodiac Shit” by lilfuchs

[via Pitchfork]