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Sufi Plugins Infuse Ableton Live With The Sounds Of North Africa

DJ /rupture unveils his line of Berber-inspired virtual instruments.
May 15, 2012, 6:08pm

Whether you’re creating the soundtrack to a video game like Journey or you’re putting together a meditative mix for your yoga class, you need gear that speaks the right language. While Abelton Live’s diverse capabilities have made it the modern standard for studio production and live performance, most of its tools are based on the composition of Western music, as far as scales go, at least.

Experimental turntablist and producer DJ /rupture researched a way to fill the void while travelling through Morocco. What he came back with are Sufi Plugins, Ableton plugins that open the software’s versatility up to North African melodies, allowing one to create music in the maqam modes. The virtual module is a colorful device with minimal design, and the parameters are all written in Berber. With poetry excerpt names like “Think tomorrow’s thoughts” and “I sow for others to come,” it makes sense that they are scribed in the Tifinagh glyphs of these once unwritten languages.

With Sufi Plugins, all the drones, mysterious tones, and smoky melodies that Western production has been missing will easily be synced and streamlined with the beats we all know and love. Hear examples of what is possible in the video above.