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All Aboard For Weirdcore's Latest Video

Plastic smiles and plastic wings in this disturbing music video.
November 11, 2010, 5:42pm

The visual-distorting entity that is Weirdcore has made a new video for electro-music maker Oneohtrix point never, a collaboration we’ve been anticipating ever since our interview with Weirdcore back in September. It’s for a side project with Joel Ford called Games, who’s out with a new track called “Shadows In Bloom”. For this video, Weirdcore used footage from cheesy airline commercials and tweaked them to just the right side of creepy. All those plastered on plasticised smiles become something more sinister, those “air hostess” uniforms all the more sexualized, and each frame morphs into the next with the help of some psychedelic effects that may leave you wondering whether that mushroom pizza you had for lunch was a good idea.

GAMES – shadows in bloom from W31RdCoR3 on Vimeo.