Survey Finds Indians Care More About Good Sex Than Their Partners Having Similar Political Views

A survey by a dating website reveals that millennials value being together in the sheets rather than the streets.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Survey finds Indians care more about good sex than their partner's political views
Photo by Becca Tapert / Unsplash

Whether it’s an all-women sit-in that has powered on for over a month or a show of solidarity with university students being brutally attacked, India has kept up the fierce movement opposing the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). However, while young Indians may be woke in the streets, they don't really seem to care about their partner sharing the same political beliefs, unwilling to jeopardise a relationship just because their potential partner may be a closeted bhakt.


In a new survey conducted by dating website OkCupid, Indian millennials were asked about the role of political opinions in their dating lives. Given the current political climate, a new set of these questions focused on the CAA—which many young Indians fear is exclusionary and unconstitutional—and the consequently promised National Register of Citizenship (NRC).

More than 90 percent of the 200,000 Indian men and women who responded to the survey believe it’s important to be informed about politics. In fact, even voting and participating in protests was just as important to the respondents aged between 25-35. However, according to the survey findings, Indians are still not too open about discussing their political opinions, especially on dates. Out of the 35,000 respondents who answered questions related to the CAA and NRC, the majority of men (56 percent) said that they would be okay dating someone with opposing views on the CAA, but this number was much lower for women, with only 39 percent of them saying they didn’t care about clashing views.

In fact, most millennial men and women would rather not lose out on a potential relationship just because they disagree on political opinions, with 86 percent men and 76 percent women saying good sex was more important than similar political beliefs. In fact, most respondents said they preferred sticking to safe, generic topics like music, sports and movies over politics, when out on a date. Interestingly, while only 21 percent of men said they cared about their partner’s political leanings, 54 percent women felt this was an important factor in determining a relationship.

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