Weekly Horoscope: November 15 - 21

There's a full moon eclipse and Sagittarius season begins.
November 14, 2021, 10:00pm
Robin Eisenberg

The sun clashes with Jupiter on Monday, November 15, at 2:58 PM, generating a moment of truth. Both the sun and Jupiter represent truth, and as they create a tense aspect, we have to do something about these new perspectives! The truth will set you free, and this is the act of liberation.

Scorpio is a sign that maybe knows a little too much. It’s attuned to secrets and occult information. The sun gently connects with power planet Pluto on Tuesday, November 16, at 4:01 PM and conversations can lead to someone learning something that changes their entire understanding of the relationship! This can build trust, since fears are addressed and people are vulnerable, or perhaps people are still too guarded to let go!


Make sure you are being cautious and keep your wits about you on Wednesday, November 17, as fearless Mars faces off with Uranus, the planet of surprises, at 12:23 PM. Who knows what impulsive actions might lead to! People may be reacting in ways that are unlikely and surprising.

A poetic sensibility arrives when Mercury, the planet of communication, harmonizes with otherworldly Neptune on Thursday, November 18, at 10:37 AM. This is great for creative work, since minds can travel to places that only exist in our imaginations. Surrealism and abstraction triumph. This weekend has great potential for unexpected pleasure and joy as love planet Venus harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of surprises on Friday, November 19, at 1:01 AM. Who knows what fancy and elite invitations will arrive!

The energy is high because there’s a full moon eclipse at 3:27 AM on Friday: Eclipses are perfect alignments between the sun, moon, and earth, which can feel as if a portal to your future is opening up. They usually align with milestone events in one’s life. This is the first eclipse in Taurus of the year, and will tell us about what’s happening over the next year of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio. The full moon in Taurus is always grounding, but the pressure of events involved in eclipses can be too exciting!

Look out for arrogance and exaggeration as Mercury, the planet of the mind, clashes with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, at 6:42 PM on Saturday, November 20. Conversations are active, but they could easily be full of hot air. Mercury in Scorpio knows how to get to the bottom of things, and as it connects with Pluto at 4:13 AM on Sunday, any fakes will be found out! At the same time, it can feel like people are prying for information. Know when to put the padlock on your secret diary.


Sagittarius season begins at 9:33 PM on Sunday, taking us from the cavernous depths of the scorpion to the atmospheric highs of the centaur. Sagittarius is the sign of the worldly, learnéd, ambitious goofball. We’re feeling more festive, now. For more info, check your monthly horoscope, too.

All times ET.


You’re getting an inside scoop on underground dynamics and how things are powered as the sun connects with Pluto, the planet of secrets. You’re clued into the way that a company is funded, and this gives you a special advantage! There can be some hidden fees or unexpected bills to pay as Mars faces off with Uranus, the planet of surprise. You’re going to have to make some compromises and move some money around. The full moon eclipse falls in your chart’s house of personal resources, giving you a better understanding of what you need in order to feel secure, and what your most valuable resources are! It might not be money; it could be time, space, or plants. The sun enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius, pulling you out of any psychic muck and putting you in a festive mood!


Scorpio season is an incredibly eventful time in your life, and your partners’ lives, too! As the sun clashes with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, you’re getting a better understanding of how you and a partner can work together to create the future and legacy that you want. This can be any relationship. There are some tensions, however: As Mars faces off with Uranus, you might feel like you need to balance your need for freedom and space with other people’s demands. You’re making it work and getting to know more about your desires, embracing your strangeness as your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with Uranus. The full moon eclipse in your sign is the first of many over the next year! This will add some stability and grace into the mix as you step into a new version of yourself.


You’re trying to figure out how you can transcend any labels, restraints, or titles that are put on you in your career as Mercury harmonizes with Neptune. You can work on things with focus, and you’re creating more space for imagination and flexibility when it comes to what you’re known for. You can really call yourself whatever you like and people will believe you as Mercury clashes with Jupiter. You can even connect with some well-connected people as Mercury connects with Pluto, the “billionaire’s planet”. The full moon in your chart’s house of solitude and mental health asks you to catch up on the things that you’ve been putting aside: sleep, alone time, or a mundane task. The sun changes signs: Sagittarius season is going to be much more fun than whatever this has been!


Life is a juicy, sexy, fun, party, dear Cancer. There are friends, there is art, and there are people that you would kill for! The sun connects with power planet Pluto, and you’re able to show your lovers and friends how deep your trust and affection runs. This could be a time when secrets are admitted, especially as messenger Mercury also connects with Pluto. The full moon eclipse falls in your chart’s house of objectives and friendships…this is because your network helps to make things happen! You’re excited to venture into the future with your partners. It will take baby steps every day. Sagittarius season begins, highlighting your habits and lifestyle. New routines and fresh energy at work are just around the corner.


Scorpio season has been cleaning out the pipes, so to speak. You’ve got a lot going on at home and it’s been crunchy. As the sun clashes with Jupiter, the truth comes out, and you’re confronting someone about things that are becoming too much! The sun and Mercury connect with Pluto, which can bring up hidden information in your health and work. Make sure you’re taking precaution if you’re doing any sort of home repairs—Mars opposite Uranus is risk prone, so be sure to consult a professional or practice safety first. The full moon eclipse lights up your house of public reputation, helping you find grounding in your legacy and accomplishments. Life lightens up as the week comes to a close. With the sun moving into fellow fire sign Sagittarius, you’re eager to celebrate life!


It’s been an incredibly mentally active time, more-so than usual. Mercury, your planetary ruler, has been in your chart’s house of communication, putting you in a state of rumination, and maybe even brooding! Mercury harmonizes with Neptune, giving you space to forgive, forget, and heal. Conversations with others can be empathetic and silly. Mercury clashes with Jupiter, and you’re making plans and writing out a schedule. Mercury also connects with power planet Pluto, cluing you into your obsessions in lust and friendships. The full moon eclipse falls in your chart’s house of travel and higher education, showing you broader horizons to aspire to, and giving you a wide-angle view. You’re ready to get cozy and focus on your home space over the coming weeks as the sun moves into Sagittarius.


Money has been a little too much of a theme for the past few weeks, but it will be over soon! First, the sun connects with power planet Pluto, giving you some muscle when it comes to having authority and control in your home life. There is some unexpected support coming through as your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of surprises. Your generosity never goes unrecognized, after all! The full moon eclipse falls in a very intimate sector of your chart, dealing with shared resources and trust. You can find stability in your strongest partnerships. The focus on money, taxes, and sustenance begins to wane as the sun changes signs. The sun enters your chart’s house of communication and local community, putting you in the mood to connect with the people who live closest to you. Have you ever made friends with the people on your commute?


After this week, things will begin to slow down—but first there are some final events! You’re making another effort to create the home life that you aspire to as the sun clashes with Jupiter, the planet of growth. The sun and Mercury also connect with power planet Pluto, giving you more determination and authority when it comes to speaking up for yourself. There might be some discomfort in your relationships as action planet Mars faces off with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. Or this could mean something incredibly spicy and exciting! Either way, proceed with caution. The full moon eclipse illuminates your chart’s house of relationships and interpersonal commitments, revealing the reliable and beautiful relationships that you have to be grateful for!


There is a lot that needs wrapping up before you can get going at full force. The sun clashes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, helping you make up your mind about something once and for all. This is a good time to apologize for something that you were unaware of. You’re getting inspiration from beyond the pale as Mercury harmonizes with Neptune, heightening your sense of mystical intuition. This is creative, but your imagination is on overdrive right now, so be sure your downloads are pure. The full moon eclipse falls in a secretive and personal sector of your chart, revealing things to you that you were not fully aware of. This brings grounding and an ability to be honest with your own need for space and seclusion. The sun enters Sagittarius, which will give you more energy over the coming weeks!


There is the potential to form strong alliances with people who can get you to the future that you desire as the sun connects with power planet Pluto—your magnetism is high! There are unexpected social and creative situations popping up as Venus harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of surprises. Expressing yourself in new ways, sexually and artistically, comes naturally! The full moon eclipse falls in your chart’s house of flings and friends, bringing your most pleasurable relationships to the fore! You’re getting a deeper understanding of your objectives  as messenger Mercury connects with Pluto. This is one last fun outing before you decide to shut in for a little while and get some much needed alone time during Sagittarius season. You’re figuring out who you’re going to chat with while you’re in the bunker, making your masterpiece.


You are so popular right now! You’re being called to socialize and be bubbly as the sun clashes with Jupiter, the planet of grandiosity. It’s your moment to be charming and amusing, dear Aquarius! You’re getting a better understanding of your own psychology, habits, and fears as the sun connects with Pluto, the planet of obsessions, showing you what triggers you. You’re getting to understand how you act in the face of danger or instability as action planet Mars faces off with Uranus, the planet of surprises. Instinct prevails. The planet of communication, Mercury, harmonizes with Neptune, providing faith that your name alone can keep you secure, no matter what! The full moon eclipse falls in your house of home and family, finding you ready to close a chapter in your domestic life.


Your faith and curiosity guides you, dear fish. You’re moving into unknown territories as the sun clashes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, giving you insight into your own psychology and how you can help others.  You’re able to see patterns and build something indestructible for the future as the sun connects with power planet Pluto. There is a tendency to think abstractly and understand things from a cosmic lens as Mercury, the planet of the mind, harmonizes with dreamy Neptune. The full moon eclipse falls in your chart’s house of communication, bringing something that you’ve been thinking about to fruition. The moon in earth sign Taurus helps you ground your thoughts and ease your mind. You’ll be getting a lot more attention over the coming weeks of Sagittarius season.

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