Someone Just Made a ‘Fuck 2020’ Song and It Is Such a Mood

"Can we just get to 2021?"
July 1, 2020, 8:35am
Avenue Beat Fuck 2020 song
Screengrab via avenuebeat

This article originally appeared on VICE India.

I miss it when we were all in 2019 and blissfully ignorant about the future. Back then, we thought 2019 was such an odd year with such an odd number, and had recklessly assumed 2020—such a perfect, comforting, full number—was only going to bring with it good vibes and great news.

But then came 2020, and with it, a buffet of tragedies. Our lives transformed into a poorly written young-adult dystopian novel. And now, somehow, we have spent more than half the year in this hellhole without knowing where the time went.

And so, Avenue Beat, a three-member band, released a song called “Fuck 2020” to perfectly sum up what all of us have felt towards the year. The video has three 20-something girls singing while the background shows news clips and photos of all the misfortunes that have made 2020 what it is. While the song originally went viral on TikTok and garnered over 4 million views in half a day, here’s the upload on Instagram.

We wanted to take you through some lines from the song because they really sang to us. Maybe it was the simple, uncomplicated nature of the writing that recalled everything that's happened in a year that’s anything but simple and uncomplicated. Or maybe it was the catchy hook. But most of all, we resonated with how the trio dishes out everything that went wrong this year with their resting bitch faces—an all-pervasive mood right now. That’s us right there.

“December 31st I grabbed a beer, threw it up and said, 2020 is my year bitchesssss”
The song starts off reminding us about all the expectations we had from this year. A day before the world like we knew it went to shit, we partied hard, got shitfaced, and had sweet, sweet dreams about conquering 2020 and making it our year. 2020 marked the start of a new decade after all, and for a lot of us, it felt like an even bigger opportunity to rebuild ourselves and start anew. But life had other plans.

“Honestly thought that was kind of true until I gave it a month or two…”
But TBH, we should’ve known the year had set itself up from the moment we saw January being marked with World War 3 fears (and the memes that followed), Insanely devastating Australian bushfires, and the Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines. In India, we were still reeling from attacks on university students by the police and fighting back hard against the CAA-NRC amendment which threatened the citizenship of tens of thousands in the country. Regardless, we were optimistic about the future until a month later the pandemic hit us all and everything officially kind of went to hell.

“…a global pandemic took over my life…”
‘Nuff said.


“I got really sad and bored at the same time”
Our lives revolved around socialising and going out and doing things, and now, we are just existing. All those TikTok edits about being bored at home were all fun and games until they started hitting too close to home.

“And that’s why I am like lowkey fuck 2020”
But c’mon, if we are all being honest here, the feeling is far from being lowkey.

“Still sad, still ain’t got no money”
Broke in the house, in the house broke, huh? But on a serious note, this pandemic has cost millions of us our jobs and our mental health. And there’s no way things can get back to how it was anytime soon either.

“…I think I am kinda done…”
Yes, god yes, we’ve had enough disasters in these six months to last a decade.

“Can we just get to 2021”
I know we have like six months more left (Six!! Months!! More!!) in the year, but please.

The song ends with the lyric that’s more of a mood—“Fuck 2020”—with the ladies showing this year the finger. And honestly, that’s all we can do too. That, and put out more TikTok shitposts. Oh wait, we in India can’t even do that anymore.

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