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Noisey Global Mixtape June 2015: The Ten Summer Songs You Need in Your Life Right Now

Noisey's Top Summer Tracks From Around the World
January 19, 2016, 3:52am

Do you ever find yourself in the wrong country on Noisey? We know, that tiny box in the top right corner is super confusing. You're in a different country of Noisey, expecting the regular dope content you'd see normally native to your region, but everything is slightly off. Instead of panicking about somehow not being on Noisey, you should check the place out. Because the only thing doper than having one Noisey, is having sixteen of them. Check out what ten of these beautiful, loveable Noiseys picked for their song in this month's Noisey United.

US: Royal Headache - "High"

Why does everyone copy the wrong bands? Do we need another band to "discover" Dinosaur Jr or Arcade Fire or Neutral Milk Hotel or Joy Division or Pavement? We get it, 90s indie is tight. Why not work with influences that will carve your own niche in the world? Like Australian favourites Royal Headache, who borrow The Jam and Buzzcocks but still manage to sound like Guided by Voices from time to time. This is the title track "High" from their new LP due on US label What's Yr Rupture? and it rips. What's more, it may be one of the low points from the record… which says a lot. You need this.


Australia: Wireheads - "Good Grief"

In November 2014, Adelaide band Wireheads travelled to Olympia, Washington to record their second album with Calvin Johnson at his Dub Narcotic Studio. "Good Grief" is a product of that weeklong stay.

France: Straugsbourg - "Jesus"

Because cold-punk is what we need when temperature's rising in the office. Note : Strasbourg are not from Strasbourg but from Bordeaux, France.

Canada: Cmdwn - "We Are Not"

We're in a post-OG Maco world, and this young group of kids from Toronto is the first evidence of the aggressive yell raps finding their place in the modern rap landscape. Toronto is not a place where new ideas grow, but it's where trends become solidified, and this proves that yell-rapping is very much still a thing.

Denmark: First Hate - "Warsawa"

'Warsawa' is the latest song from Danish dream pop duo First Hate, who recently supported Ice Age on their UK tour. First Hate is one of the most hyped Danish bands at the moment. They constitute a softer addition to the wave of future superstars consisting of bands like Ice Age, Communions and Reverie. That, and we really like the song.

Mexico: Veódromo - "Gémini"

Velódromo is a shoegaze band from the capital of Chile, Santiago. The five piece have just released their self titled debut EP, which is a throwback to the early nineties shoegaze craze, except these guys were barely even born when MBV and Ride were playing the first time around, yet they play just as well as many of the bands from that time. "Gémini" features distorted guitars with bends heavily influenced by Kevin Shields, and Bárbara's velvety voice gives the whole thing a much needed contrast, as does the bridge in the middle, which serves as a mental break from the driving force of the track.


Brazil: Kamau - "Com Licenca"

"Com Licença" is the opening track of Kamau's latest EP, Licença Poética. Kamau is one of the brightest rappers in Brazil, and this smooth track not only shows his well-known lyrical talent but also his ability to produce feel-good beats and pleasant melodies - Licença Poética is the first time Kamau makes his own beats since 2006's Escuta Aí.

Spain: Pylar - "Had Sido Alzado"

Pylar is a Seville-based band. They do not belong to our same astral or time space. If you like digging into the unknown you will love them. One of a kind. Sexy as fuck.

Germany: Lgoony - "Millonen Euro Prod. By The North Virus"

If the song doesn't do LGoony justice, then you need to watch the video.

Netherlands: Kuk Jkeube & Ribbue Flex - "Drank And Drugs"

Lil' Kleine and Ronnie Flex don't give a shit about being a role model for the Dutch youth. "Drank & Drugs" includes the line "All teenagers say yes to MDMA" and voices an overall hatred of growing up.To fully realise the song you should probably watch the weird ass video, directed by the same director that directed VICE Benelux's first full-length motion picture Prins.

Poland: The Stubs - "Ruby's Blue Boogie"

One of Warsaw's most persistent punk rock outfits that somehow manages to appeal to the Polish festival crowds and no-compromise squatter crews alike. Maybe it's because they've got some truly powerful tunes made of fuzz and pure energy?

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