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Man On Plane Pisses on Fellow Passenger, Sparking Mass Brawl

The man reportedly became unruly after being told he couldn't smoke on the plane – a long-established rule of planes.

(Photo: Twitter user @SimNico971)

A man has reportedly channelled his inner Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Alec Baldwin and Brian McFadden by completely losing his shit on an aeroplane – specifically an Air Mediterranee flight from Algiers to Paris.

Around 45 minutes into the flight, the man allegedly tried to urinate on a fellow passenger, sparking a mass brawl aboard Flight ML2673. The flight was forced to divert to Lyon as a result of the incident.

Staff on board the Airbus A321 said the man had become unruly as a result of being told he couldn't smoke or drink on board. Somewhere in between that and him pissing on a fellow passenger, starting a mass brawl and single-handedly diverting an aeroplane, the man also lost his shirt, as passenger pictures on Twitter have shown.

Eventually the plane did end up landing at its original destination, three hours later, where the shirtless piss brawler was removed, alongside another man.