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Help Bring On The Ende Tymes

Bob Bellerue's festival of liberation is back for a second year.
May 3, 2012, 4:40pm

Contrary to the popular saying, there are, in fact, three things in life that are certain. There's death. There's taxes. And there's the fact that whatever city you're in, there is a small group of freaks making horrible screeching noises in a basement and calling it art.

No matter whether it's New York City or Albuquerque, experimental scenes are always small and tight knit. Bob Bellerue, who has paid his dues in more than a few scenes in his day, launched a Kickstarter to fund his second annual Ende Tymes Festival. An event of "experimental liberation," Ende Tymes does the best job I've seen of bringing many of the nation's noise cliques together under the same roof for one beautiful clusterfuck of a weekend. This year, Secret Project Robot and Outpost are hosting the fest from May 17-20th.

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