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Desiigner's 'Addams Family' Freestyle Fails to Take Advantage of Triplet-Time Rhythms and Cabaret Chord Progressions

Just trust us, this could have been something special and weird in these weird times for rap.

When rappers do their thing over TV theme songs, the results are usually splendid. Desiigner tried his hand at the tradition by filming a day-late Halloween freestyle over the  Addams Family theme for Genius. While he's as lively as ever, all Desiigner does is sing different lyrics to the same melody instead of rapping, which is a shame. Aren't this song and "Tiimmy Turner" more or less identical? They're both swung (in triplet time) and use simple, goofy I-V chords (think Mexican Hat Dance, seriously) so Desiigner had a chance to really show off his oddball theatrical flow. But alas, we were not gifted.


This year has seen Lil Yachty alone rap over the Super Mario 64 file select theme as well as music from Cowboy Bebop and Undertale (!!!), so it's not like hip-hop has anything against bizarre samples. If anything, there's never been a better time than now to use beats that sound funny or happy. Could this have been a good song, or be a good song one day? Perhaps. As it stands, this is a goof and it's probably not supposed to be that deep anyways; watch the freestyle below.

Phil is a Noisey Canada staff writer who listens to way too many OSTs. He's on Twitter.