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Frank Ocean's Wonder Emporium is Now Open for Business

Available for one black Friday only via are posters, vinyl, CDs and his limited Boys Don't Cry magazine.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
November 25, 2016, 11:09am

Music merch in 2016 has morphed into an industry all of its own, with everyone from Kanye to Bieber to 2 Chainz getting in on the action and taking a piece of that sweet sweet money pie. So it's no surprise that lowkey king of aesthetics Frank Ocean has decided to get involved – but because this is Frank, it's a super limited one-day-only thing so if you want some of the coveted merch you need to be quick: my friends, you must cop as you have never copped before. For Black Friday only, via Frank's site you can currently get your sweaty little hands on a number of exclusive bits and pieces. Up for grabs is a special vinyl version of Blonde (released, interestingly, via XL), a bunch of cool screenprinted posters, and – the pièce de résistance – a three pack of Blonde-branded pine scented air fresheners for your car. Available too is the Boys Don't Cry magazine (featuring contributions from Kanye, Wolfgang Tillmans and more) that Frank gave away via his pop up stores when Blonde came out back in August, although it'll set you back a cool $80 should you decided to invest. In the spirit of Black Friday, there was also a limited edition free t-shirt but they have obviously all gone now, because nothing gold can stay. Shop til you drop here. (Image via