Ramp Local Celebrates The Wonderfully Weird on a New 21-Artist Compilation

The label may have an 'identity crisis' but it has been releasing some of the most interesting music of 2016.
December 6, 2016, 4:17am

2016 has been a busy year for Jake Saunders and Ramp Local. The Philadelphia via Brooklyn label, released eight cassettes from cool and highly original artists such as Banned Books, Big Neck Police, and Nina Ryser.

The label, that is affiliated with Wharf Cat records, is finishing the year on a high with the release of Eclectic Sessions Volume 2, a 21-track collection of more experimental artists including (New England) Patriots, Mark Cone, PC Worship, Bichkraft, and our favourites, Macula Dog.

The tracks, built from unpolished demos, unreleased recording projects and alternative sessions, are thematically united in their exploration of the relationship between "chaos and order".

"I've thought a lot more about this compilation series and the label's identity as a whole…which is that it has no identity; it is an identity crisis," explains Saunders. "I'm talking about representing music and art that rides the line between conventionality and obscurity, the blurring between what's familiar and what's abstract. The identity crisis metaphor feels way more appropriate these days, as it seems confusion and tension has been a running theme in our world recently."

Take a listen and go explore your own 'chaos' and order'.

'Electric Sessions Vol 2' is available Dec 9 through Ramp Local

The album launch is in Brooklyn Dec 8 at Sunnyvale with PC Worship and New England Patriots.

Image: PC Worship