Meet the BC Rapper Who Helped Start One of Canada’s Biggest Movements

Caspian and Jaclyn Gee flex for Stompdown Killaz in their newest video for “Fade Away."
September 7, 2016, 4:28pm

Caspian is a crucial name in Canadian hip-hop, particularly within the Stompdown Killaz (SDK) movement. You can read more about the history of SDK and Caspian’s early involvement here. Originally from Kuwait City, he built a reputation as a rapper in British Columbia by going undefeated in battles on a radio show hosted by DJ Maximus Clean called The Morning Drive By. Caspian demonstrates how much he’s grown along with the SDK scene in his latest video for “Fade Away” with Jaclyn Gee off the Felix Slang album. Directed by Stuey Kubrick, the clean visuals show Caspian and Gee ruling over a shoreline kingdom. Caspian raps, “Nothin’s impossible man, and I ain’t about slown’ down or givin’ up” with Jaclyn Gee on the Dedov production charging, “You can try to take my place, but I’m here to stay.”


"This track is the most personal off my Felix Slang album,” Caspian said to Noisey, “I wrote this song to motivate the ones who feel trapped, it’s about never giving up." Watch “Fade Away” below.

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