This story is over 5 years old.


Dear Diary

I just got back from the Fiddling Contest and it was great!
December 1, 2000, 12:00am

I just got back from the Fiddling Contest and it was great! It was me Christine (Sharon’s friend) Sharon and Lisa. I also saw Sandra. Guess who she’s in love with? Russ. I could kill her to death. I know she’s just playing around like she always does. And now she going to do that to my Russ. See the reason I am not mad is because she may be gorgeous but she’s really shallow and selfish and she only thinks of herself and that’s it. Fuck her, I am still going to ask him to Richie’s party. I may not have total looks, or the body or sometimes the nerve so how do you think I can get these guys? I’ll tell you and it sounds strange, stupid maybe but here goes. I THINK I HAVE SPECIAL POWERS! Dumb right? But I can’t help feeling the strange sensation that guys are under my powers. How? I do this one thing. I look them STRAIGHT IN THE EYE! That’s the one thing I always do and it works. Plus a lot of concentration on them. I hope this party works out for me and we get along great. JULY 1st, 2000 Russ didn’t want to go to the party with me. He went with Caroline. so I joked that I used my "special powers" on account of how hurt and angry I was. But I used them for evil and not good because he got into a car accident the week after the party. No one died, not even Caroline. But it roughed him up enough to join the Peace Corps after high school. He was stationed in Conakry, Guinea. I heard that he was robbed after eight months and left without finishing his tenure. I joked that my "special powers" knew no boundaries. Four years ago, his folks died in a plane accident. They were rich and bought a small four-seater so that they could fly with their friends to South Carolina for golfing. I had nothing to do with that either.