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Lorenzo Oggiano's Unnatural Nature

These images are part of a series called "Quasi-Objects," a collection of 3D-generated videos and pictures so ugly they're sort of cute.
February 21, 2012, 5:00am

The attractive yet gross images seen here are part of a series by Lorenzo Oggiano called Quasi-Objects, a collection of 3D-generated videos and pictures the artist has been creating since 2003. He calls the method behind these globular forms “organic re-design,” referencing the microcosmic worlds of science and nature.

Think of insect larva shot in high-def or the cellular activity of biology under the microscope—things that are fascinating yet can also fill you with revulsion. None of these objects actually exist in nature, but are the brainchildren of Oggiano’s imaginary organic world. He doesn’t state on his website which software he uses, but he does give the following explanation:

[It]…aims to stimulate thought and dialogue on the progressive relativization of natural forms of life as a result of techno-biological evolution. “Quasi-Objects” regards data actualization, the production of biologically non-functional organisms and ecosystems as transient output of an operative practice: aesthetics of process.

The images seem to rest somewhere between the biological and computer-generated, displaying both the unnatural sheen you’d find on the interior of a CGI spacecraft, as well as the stark intimacy found in macrophotography.

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