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A$AP Rocky's “Wassup” Video Premiere

Harlem rap sensation A.$.A.P Rocky just teamed up with VICE to film a music video for "Wassup" that takes elements from Rocky's favorite movies.

Harlem rap sensation A$AP Rocky just teamed up with global media sensation VICE after a chance meeting with Global Editor Andy Capper at the VICE office in Brooklyn.  Rocky pitched a vision of a video to Andy which took elements from his five favorite movies, namely Scarface, Belly, Enter The Dragon, The Warriors and, of course, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

Smitten with the idea, Andy and VICE set making the video with one of VICE's most talented DPs, Jacob Burghart (VICE Guide To Congo, Toxic: Garbage Island and many more).


Viva A$AP! Viva VICE! Vive La Revolution!

Directors: A$AP Rocky and Andy Capper 
Director of Photography: Jake Burghart
Executive Producers: Suroosh Alvi, Shane Smith, Eddy Moretti
Assistant Producers: Clara Goldfarb, Dan Meyer
Track Produced by Clams Casino  
Projections: Matthew Caron
Set Design: Olga Miasnikova, Austin Willis, Kristof Wickman
Lighting: Brad Marro, Jason DeJesus
Body Paint: Justin West
Assistants: Erin Carr, Adam Gong, Bernardo Garcia, Bryan Locke
Special thanks to: Ciel Hunter, Annette Lamothe-Ramos, Geno Sims, Bryan Leach and A.$.A.P Mob Worldwide

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