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Our Donkey-Boning Documentary Upset Norway

As it turns out, Norwegian children are offended by Colombian donkey fuckers.
January 18, 2012, 5:30pm

The other night, NRK (the largest news provider in Norway) aired a piece on their six o' clock news about a teacher being suspended for showing his students The Asses of the Caribbean, our documentary about guys fucking donkeys on the northern coast of Colombia (click here to watch the news report). The teacher says his intention was to "Provoke and engage the students into learning about cultural differences" for a media studies assignment. However, he's also admitted that—in a purely legal sense—he was kind of in the wrong, as only two of his 23 students were old enough to watch the 18-rated film. According to several Norwegian news outlets (here's one, translated into broken English), the pupils were so appalled that their parents alerted the school’s principal. The news clip, however, is filled with students backing the teacher, basically saying he's the greatest guy ever and that his way of teaching is highly motivational. Maybe it's just me being critical of the media, but I’m more inclined to believe what I see, rather than supposed quotes from unnamed students in some newspaper. The outcry in print, however, doesn't really come as a surprise. A few years back, Norwegian border police banned us from taking a few bundles of our magazine into the country because of its "defamatory sex- and drug-related content.” Just think—if they'd let us distribute our magazine there, they might be turning out even more black metal arsonists and mass murdering far-right terrorists than they are already. Stay safe, Norway!

Watch The Asses of the Caribbean here or in the player below: