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How Much Would You Sell Your Virginity For?

Catarina Migliorini, a depressingly glum-looking Brazilian student, auctioned her virginity off to a Japanese stranger for $725,715. That got us thinking; is it really worth that much money? How much would you sell your virginity for?

Virginity is a delicate flower, its petals plucked passionately from you when you've eventually found the right person to share it with. Or it's a messy splurge all over the backseat of an Astra after too many WKDs and a temporary lapse in judgement. Whatever it is, it doesn't usually involve any kind of transaction, unless you're Catarina Migliorini—the depressingly glum-looking Brazilian student above—who auctioned her virginity off to a Japanese stranger for $725,715.


That got us thinking; is it really worth that much money? Judging from anyone who's ever lost their virginity ever, the first time usually isn't great. Definitely not $725,715 great, anyway. Also, why is everyone making such a fuss about it? Is virginity really still as big a deal as it used to be? Or are we all just hung up on the church's archaic ideas about sex?

Most importantly—as there's money to be made and there's literally nothing more important than money—how much would you sell your virginity for?

Charlotte, 27 (left) and Nio, 27, both teachers.

Charlotte: We’re not really the kind of girls who’d sell our virginities, I'm afraid. It would have to be for a lot of money if we did.

VICE: A girl sold hers for $725,715 this week.
Nio: Oh really? Wow, that's a lot of money—you could buy a house with that. But no, I still don't think I'd sell mine for that.
Charlotte: No, me neither.

I don't really know how to put this—would you still be in the position to sell your virginity? 
No, it doesn’t exist anymore.
Nio: Mine's been gone for quite a while, but I still don't think I would have done it if I was younger.
Charlotte: I think it would depend if the guy was really good looking, for me. But he probably wouldn’t be, so no. No.

Is there any amount of money you’d do it for?

OK. Honorable girls.

Edwin, 30 (left) and Mohib, 29, both in sales.

Mohib: My virginity is priceless, to be honest. If I could get it back, that is. Obviously there’s not a refund on it, but, y’know.


How does $5 million pounds sound?
No, if I knew it was for money, I wouldn’t do it.

What if the girl was like out-of-this-world hot and wanted to pay you?
Edwin: No. I wouldn’t do it. If they’re not worth it, then they’re not worth it.
Mohib: If that hot girl was my wife, I’d do it for free. But otherwise, no.

Fair enough.

Alex, 37, business owner: It depends on who was paying. Obviously, I wouldn't charge if the girl was really hot. It would be on the house.

What if it was someone like Ann Widdecombe?
That would be a lot. I don’t think I could ever do it for money, though. It would be against my morals. Although, if a hot girl came along, even if she was a bit sub-par, I'd do it for free.

Yeah, I think most of us would have sex with a hot girl for free. How much do you think you’d be able to charge?
Not much, probably. I could maybe have gotten a little more a few years ago, but I'm not too desperate at the moment, to be honest. I'd have probably taken a few hundred when I did lose it, just so I could have gotten it out the way.

Is virginity something to get out of the way?
Yeah, of course. I wanted to cross it off the list then find someone who I actually liked.

Two girls who didn't want to be pictured or named.

First Girl: I just wouldn't do it for money, I don't think. But it’s hard to say now that I'm not a virgin. Are you a virgin?
Second Girl: No, I'm not, but I don't think I would have done it for money when I was.


What if it meant you could afford to buy a house?
Nah, it’d blatantly be some sleazy, old man. He’d be like Donald Trump and you’d have to sleep with him. That would be awful. Then you’d have to kill yourself.

How much would Donald Trump have to pay for your virginity?
That's a ridiculous question. You’re not going to get an answer out of anyone.

What if he gave you five million and donated another 50 million to charity? It would be selfish not to, really.
It’s my body. I think it’s selfish for you to want me to do that just so that I can help a charity.
First girl: Yeah, and you'd basically be a prostitute. Loads of girls get sold because they're virgins and they don’t make any money out of it.

Yeah, but you could stand to make millions out of this.
No. Look, we wouldn't do it, alright?

OK. All I'm saying is that you're massively missing out here.

Susie, 28 (left), Harriet, 23 (centre) and Rosie, 22, all customer assistants.

Harriet: I'd probably sell it for the same price as that girl. It’s quite a respectable sum.
Susie: No, I wouldn’t sell it at all; it’s not something you can place a value on.
Rosie: Do we have to sell it?

OK, I’d settle for a round million, I think.
Susie: No, I still can’t answer.

What if we gave you ten billion dollars right now?
No, no. It’s just the principle. It’s dirty money and it’s immoral.

Don’t you think the hangups we have on virginity are just a hangover from old Christian views and that we should just chill the fuck out?
Rosie: It’s an idea that’s been imposed upon us by society, but yeah, you're right—it’s not a natural instinct to want to keep your virginity.

Well then you might as well make a bit of cash out of it, right?
Nope. It's still wrong.

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