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Trump's Two Favorite Books Are Ones with Him on the Cover

Trump has previously claimed that his favorite book is the Bible, but this time he only mentioned books he wrote with ghostwriters.
​ 'The Art of the Deal' cover

During an interview with Extra on Wednesday, Trump was asked to name two of his most-loved books. The books that sprang to his mind? The Art of the Deal, Trump's 1987 best-seller, and its 1990 follow-up, Surviving at the Top, NBC News reports.

Of course, neither of those books were really penned by Trump alone. Art of the Deal was ghostwritten by Tony Schwartz, who recently lamented his role in contributing to Trump's political success. Surviving at the Top shares a byline with writer Charles Leerhson, who has also said some choice words about Trump's recent campaign. Nevertheless, the books seem to occupy a special place in the nominee's heart.

Trump has previously claimed that his favorite book is the Bible, despite not seeming to have actually read the Bible. He also once name-checked All Quiet on the Western Front, which sounds pulled from his old sophomore lit syllabus, but it looks like he forgot about those two during the Extra interview.

Trump has often admitted to not being much of a reader. He once claimed to have considered reading a biography of a former president to prepare for his bid, but opted against it since he just has "so little time."

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