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After a String of Child Deaths, IKEA Is Recalling 29 Million Dressers

IKEA's Malm furniture was reportedly the cause of death for three children in the last two years.

After a series of fatal accidents from an unstable IKEA dresser and chest model, the company is finally giving the furniture series the boot.

Ikea recalled 29 million Malm series dressers and chests Tuesday, warning that the furniture may tip over and fatally harm children. Customers can either receive a full refund, ranging from $70 to $200 if bought between 2002 and 2016, or a free repair kit to anchor the furniture to a wall. People who bought Malm stuff before 2002 can receive partial store credit.

The Malm furniture was the cause of death for three children in the last two years, Business Insider reports—the most recent child killed was Theodore McGee, a one-year-old boy in Minnesota who died after a Malm chest toppled on him in February.

"Consumers should immediately stop using any recalled chest and dresser that is not properly anchored to the wall," IKEA wrote in a statement, "and place it into an area that children cannot access."

Apparently there's more to worry about at IKEA than just your relationships falling apart.

Photo of Malm dresser via Flickr userAnders Carlsson