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A 30-Person Brawl Broke Out in Walmart After Some Teens Laughed at a Woman's Dress

People grabbed baseball bats from the shelves, and a 17-year-old split a guy's head open with a can of food.

Last weekend, some last-minute Fourth of July hot dog shopping at a Walmart in New York erupted into a 30-person fistfight complete with flying trash cans and baseball bats, WHEC in Rochester reports.

According to WHEC, the whole thing started when a few teenage girls started snapping cellphone photos of people in the store and making fun of a woman's dress. When the woman's family members caught on, a fight broke out and quickly escalated into an all-out brawl with other shoppers.


According to Police Chief Jim VanBrederode, the brawlers even grabbed baseball bats from the sporting goods section to fight with.

"The adults jumped right in with the kids, and this is what it turned into," Chief VanBrederode told WHEC.

One of the fighters, 17-year-old Nykia Brooks, allegedly split a 52-year-old guy's head open with a can of food. She was arrested along with three others and was charged with second-degree assault—a felony—as well as two violations.

Walmart is planning to step up its security following the incident, and Chief VanBrederode says the police are still reviewing security footage and plan to make more arrests.

"If you're in that video, you ought to be looking over your shoulder," he told WHEC. "It's just a matter of time before we come knocking on some doors."

Thumbnail image via Flickr user irene.