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Revisiting Kevin 'Spanky' Long - Part 1

​Welcome back to Epicly Later'd. Sorry it's been forever. For our first new episode, we caught up with Kevin "Spanky" Long.
October 22, 2015, 1:00pm

Welcome back to Epicly Later'd.Sorry it's been so long. For the first episode of Season 7 (is that where we are? I haven't been keeping track) we have a Kevin "Spanky" Long update. I say that because Spanky already had a few episodes in the early years of the show, but we thought his story deserved a follow-up.

We started this episode not long after Kevin got kicked off Baker and Emerica, and then we filmed an interview every six months or so until recently. That's why his hair keeps changing lengths throughout the show. He got kicked off sponsors for drinking and partyin' and basically not skating all that much. He also got set on fire, his wife bailed, his mom died… a series of bad events. But through it, he thought, I'm not done yet. He didn't let it beat him and got back on the board.

Kevin is very inspiring to me and his attitude toward skateboarding is refreshing. In my interviews for the episode, Atiba, Jerry, and Neck Face all referred to Spanky as their best friend. I would also like to think of him as my best friend, too. So this piece is special to me, and I hope that comes through. Hope you enjoy it.

–Patrick O'Dell