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Teenagers Daring Each Other to Snort Cocaine on Camera Is the New and Messed Up Ice Bucket Challenge

It's called "reto del pasesito" and it's all the rage south of the USA.
Manisha Krishnan
Toronto, CA
September 25, 2015, 5:23pm

Screenshot via Twitter user Mariana Torre

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Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge, where people dumped freezing cold water on themselves and nominated friends to do the same to raise money for charity?

Well, rich Mexican teenagers are embracing that concept, with one fucked up twist: instead of soaking themselves, they're snorting cocaine.

Several videos depicting reto del pasesito, or "the little pass challenge," have surfaced online in recent days. In them, teenage girls, whom the Latin Times identifies as upper class, appear to be doing key bumps of blow and then calling on their homies to do the same.


One of the participants gives the camera a thumbs up after taking a hit while another erupts into giggles, 'cause, you know, cocaine is a pretty lighthearted subject down in Mexico. Not everyone is in on the joke, though. YouTube has reportedly removed one of the original videos because it shows "harmful activities" and a search of the hashtag

RetoDelPasesito on Facebook yields many angry warnings from Mexican parents in addition to more videos, obviously.

In another departure from the Ice Bucket Challenge, there is no charitable aspect of reto del pasesito; its sole purpose seems to be to get high in an extremely public way.

But before we judge those Mexican teens too harshly, let's not forget last year's Neknominate craze, which saw young people pounding back booze on camera and daring their peers to follow suit.

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