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Vice Fashion - Swedish Librarians

They really are as hot as you'd imagine.
December 1, 2006, 12:00am

PHOTOS: Anders Kylberg
STYLING: Lisa Sundström/Linkdetails
ASSISTANT: Pierre Alexander Camilo
HAIR & MAKE UP: Sofia Holmgren/Mikas
COORDINATION by Milène Larsson
ASSISTANT Signe Siemsen

Ofelia wears tank by C&C California, jumper by Hugo Boss, skirt By Malene Birger, shoes by Fornarina, and stockings by Wolford, the glasses are vintage YSL.


Librarian at Folkbibliotek, Stockholm

—I like to read biographies and fictional novels. I’m very fond of Joanne Harris, especially of her book



. People tease me about it but I can’t help it—I’m a sucker for French vineyards, romance and I like the slow tempo in her books.

When I was a teenager I read a book on the life of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, one of my favourite French painters. It was the kind of reading experience I will never forget. I read for two days without sleeping, I couldn’t put it aside—I had to know what would happen to him next, and when I was done I couldn’t stop crying. My mum got really worried about me. I even went to Paris to see where he had lived. I really loved that book back then, but I’m not sure if I would react the same way now.

Linda wears cardigan By Malene Birger, skirt by Tiger, stockings by Wolford and shoes by Whyred, necklace model’s own.


Librarian at Karolinska Institutet/Universitetsbiblioteket, Stockholm

—I like the atmosphere in libraries, but there has always been a lot of other things I’ve wanted to do, and I have a journalism and law degree too. I graduated from librarian education this spring and before that I was working as a journalist. I still write a bit, mostly environmental articles.

The wage isn’t great but if you compare it to being a journalist it’s OK. It sure isn’t the money that made me choose the job.

Jenny wears belt and skirt by Gant, stockings by Wolford, T-shirt model’s own.


Librarian, Stadsbiblioteket, Stockholm

—I used to work at a big publishing house, but I felt like it was just too businesslike. Libraries are more romantic, you don’t have to think of books as money-making products. In libraries, books are sacred. I’m such a daydreamer, so the job suits me well.


All the books I read are about confused men in decay, they’re not really the kind of people you’d want to be with. But I did get quite taken by Robert “Mongo” Fredrickson—the martial arts expert/circus artist/doctor in criminology/dwarf from George C. Chesbro’s detective novels. And


of course.

Strange things happen all the time. Once a man came up to me asking for all the books we had on post office administration. I told him to follow me and when I turned around to say something he was walking behind me with a giant crucifix. That was unpleasant, to say the least.

Anna wears top by Hugo Boss, dress by Henrik Vibskov, shoes by Hope, stockings by Wolford and necklace by New York Public Library.


Librarian at Karolinska Institutet/Universitetsbiblioteket, Stockholm

—I’ve been a librarian for seven years. I’m head of my department and I specialise in research. But I knew this was what I wanted to do from when I was a kid.

I only ever read American crime novels in pocketbook format with golden relief covers. Michael Connelly is a favourite. I can finish a book in a day. To me it’s like watching a movie. I’d rather read than watch TV, but mostly I blog. I have a fashion blog called

I like shopping, and I always wear high heels and a skirt to work.

Sarah wears top by J. Lindeberg, skirt by InWear, shoes by Wedins, stockings by Wolford and necklace by Skultuna.


Librarian at Stadsbiblioteket, Stockholm


—I love reading, but I’m also a big fan of Italian football and I like hanging out at football bars when there’s a good game.

I’m obsessed with chivalry novels. My favourite one is Sir Thomas Malory’s

Le Morte d’Arthur

. I read all the King Arthur and Tristan & Isolde books and I fell head over heals for Lancelot.

Working at the library I get guys hit on me quite a lot. Mostly they’ll say corny things like “You have beautiful eyes” or they’ll leave me little notes with their phone numbers. Once a guy returned a book and told me that there was something for me in the first chapter. When I opened it there was a long letter where he explained why he didn’t dare to come up and talk to me and that he wished that some day he would have the courage to do that. It was a really nice letter but he never showed up again.

Caroline wears polo-neck sweater by Hope, dress by Tiger, shoes by b Store and stockings by Wolford, the glasses are vintage D&G.


Librarian at Östermalms bibliotek, Stockholm

—Libraries have a magical ambiance. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been drawn to spend a lot of time in them. I always feel at home there, even when I’m out travelling. It goes without saying that I’m a bit of a book worm too, I love to read.

My favourite authors are Paul Auster and his wife Siri Hustvedt. They both play with coincidences and the fragility of identity in their writing. I find it captivating.

Most of the men I read about have a pretty lame view on women, but I really liked Dean Moriarty from Jack Kerouac’s novel

On The Road

. He’s crazy but he seems like so much fun!