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Joseph Keckler's Teen Goth Relapse

Just in time for Halloween, New York performance artist Joseph Keckler premieres his St. Mark's teen goth relapse on VICE.

This video is an account of an afternoon in which New York performance artist Joseph Keckler left the office to go downtown and channel the romantic figure of the wanderer. It was made with with his longtime collaborator, filmmaker Laura Terruso, and comes out of Keckler's much lauded performance piece, I Am an Opera, which the Village Voice called a "tantalizing song cycle–cum–multimedia one-man show" before naming Keckler Best Downtown Performance Artist of 2013.


The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (Spanish: El sueño de la razón produce monstruos) c. 1799 by Francisco Goya

Keckler will be releasing two more versions of this song, in two different genres, by the end of the year. One will be a chamber pop ballad—same chords, different lyrics—and the other will be a German goth remix made by a real-life German goth.

Goth Lied features Lisa Kaplan as the boss and includes cameos by Gerry Visco, Gabe Fuller, Jess Ferguson, and Shepherd Laughlin.

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