Our Favorite VICE Photos of 2015


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Our Favorite VICE Photos of 2015

These are some of the photographs that changed our world in 2015.

Hi there, we're Elizabeth and Matthew, VICE's resident photography experts. Last year, we did a roundup of our favorite photos featured by VICE in 2014. We thought it was cool, and who doesn't like looking at pictures, so we made another gallery of our faves from 2015. But, before the images commence, here is a quote from Thomas Roma, the renowned photographer who runs Columbia University's photography program. It's one of many moments of sage wisdom that was cut from our latest interview with Roma, and it captures one of the many reasons photography is so important to us.


"I don't read a book constantly thinking about the author. Books I love I constantly relate to on my own—I think of myself, they're part of my life. Same thing when you look at a film, it becomes part of your cultural, psychological, political experience. You go out in the world after seeing a certain film, you see the world a little differently. Read Beloved, you read Toni Morrison, and you think, all of a sudden everything looks different. Read The Catcher in the Rye when you're young, all of a sudden you think differently. Art is supposed to raise your consciousness, if only temporarily."

These are some of the photographs that changed our world in 2015.

Photo by Daniel Arnold from

It Was Good to Get Out of the House

Photo interpretation of above request by Edward Cushenberry from

Photo Requests from Solitary


Photo by Andrew Miksys from his series


Photo by Michael Bühler-Rosefrom God Wallah

Photo by Maria Gruzdeva from Shooting the Edges

Photo by Maciek Pazoga from Uchronia

Photo by Annie Flanagan from Sweet Crude

Uganda Love This Issue cover by Frédéric Noy

Photo by Bruce Gilden from Two Days in Appalachia

Photo by Molly Matalon and Damien Maloney from The Wasting

Photo by Jen Davis from Women of the Arnold

Photo by Alec Soth from There's No Place Like Nome

Photo by Jason Lazarus from Shrink

Photo by Eva O'Leary from Unnatural Nature

Photo by Josef Hoflehner from The Air Marshall

Elizabeth Renstrom is photo editor of VICE, and Matthew Leifheit is VICE's photo editor-at-large. See more photos we love here, updated daily.

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