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How Doctors Are Using Fecal Transplants to Treat Deadly Diseases

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June 22, 2016, 4:55pm

Check out a preview of Friday's episode above

This Friday, June 24, HBO will air another episode from season four of VICE's Emmy-winning show. Last week, we met people battling ALS, a fatal neurodegenerative disease, to investigate why there are still no viable treatment options. This week, we visit America's college campuses to understand how students are dealing with the country's student loan crisis, then we explore the medical breakthroughs created by fecal transplants.

On the first segment, VICE's Gianna Toboni sees how the rising college tuition costs across American campuses have impacted students, leaving them with staggering amounts of debt after graduation and often times forcing them to move back in with their parents. She investigates how current elementary school students can expect to have a public, affordable college option if public institutions continue to be privatized.

Then VICE's Thomas Morton meets doctors taking fecal matter from healthy donors and implanting it into the colon of patients suffering from bacterial infections or colon cancer. The results have been so promising that doctors hope to use the process to treat a variety of other diseases, including cardiovascular disease.

Watch a preview of the episode above, and make sure to check it out Friday, June 24, at 11 PM on HBO. If you want more VICE episodes to carry you through the week, you can watch our entire third season online now.