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Ready or Not, Bridgit Mendler Is Back with a Video for "Atlantis" That's Better Than Anything You'll Hear Today

Just sit back and submerge yourself in the vibes.

Singer-songwriter Bridgit Mendler hit it big in 2012 with the ebullient, Fugees-inspired "Ready or Not." She's been fairly quiet since, but she's going to release the awesomely-titled Nemesis EP this November and now we have the music video for the first single "Atlantis." Though the song's already been out since August, it's worth another look because it's really just that good a pop song.

Mendler's voice is run through tube distortion, chopped up into pinpricks, and becomes a gorgeously vocoded choir on the cavernous hook. It's something like Imogen Heap meeting early Purity Ring, and the guest verse from Florida underground rapper Kaiydo makes "Atlantis" a masterwork in craft and atmosphere. The video fits the song's ambiguity and beguiling nature, with Mendler and her friends literally attempting to resuscitate a past relationship in dreamy vignettes that veer between celebratory and somber.


"We went through a ton of ideas and when I first got Allie's treatment, her fresh perspective was undeniable," says Mendler in a statement. "I told her I had my heart set on working with her and from there we found a concept that had dark, satirical, plus heart-aching moments. I break into my ex's house and try to recreate our lost love while he is passed out. Even in the midst of fun and light moments in life, my heart is as limp as his hand hitting my knee while we dance in the kitchen." Watch the "Atlantis" video below.

Photo by Myriam Santos.

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