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Just Listen to Ty Dolla $ign Croon Through New Track “Stealing”

It’s the latest track from ’Campaign,’ out September 23, and oh my it’s quite pretty.

We’ve already heard a glut of tracks from Ty Dolla $ign’s new project, Campaign, out September 23. He was making on a replicant in the video for “Zaddy,” eloquently pulling apart police brutality and calling for unity on “No Justice” with Big TC, and his collaboration with Future, “Campaign,” kicked the summer into gear.

In short, he’s been showcasing his versatility leading up to this record, a fun thing to do when you’ve got the range to pull it off. But on “Stealing,” released last night, he’s pushed it further still. It’s a spare track featuring, for the most part, nothing but a clean guitar and Ty on vocals, crooning about the ladies that love him. “Momma please don't judge me cause I'm a criminal,” he sings, “Mom I know you love me, even though I'm a criminal / No, it's not subliminal / No, and it's not terminal / Oh, it's emotional / Stealing all these bitches hearts.”

There’s no point speculating on what Campaign is going to sound like; there’s too much going on even in the few tracks we’ve heard so far to make any sort of guess. But it’s going to be really fun to hear how he stitches all these sounds together.

Listen to “Stealing” below, pour your coffee into a whiskey tumbler, raise the drink with a knowing smile, and pretend that you’re cool enough to sound like Ty Dolla $ign. Then read about the time he took us out on a date.

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